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Building A Dog Fence? Do The Following Three Things

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Are you getting ready to build a fence around your yard so that your dog can have some room to run? If so, you'll want to consider a few things when building the fence. Making a few mistakes can end up creating a fence that doesn't work and allows your dog to escape.

Select The Right Height

The fence used to contain your dog needs to be tall enough so that they do not jump over it. However, you also do not want to build a fence too high where you are not happy with the looks. This can cause you to wonder how to factor in the height of the fence so that your dog doesn't jump over it.

In general, a six-foot-tall fence should be good enough to stop the average dog. If you want to double check if this fence height is correct, a good trick is to have your dog stand up as tall as possible on their rear legs, then measure their height. You will want a fence that's taller than their height.

Use The Right Material

Another mistake that can be made is selecting a type of fencing material that is easy for a dog to climb over. Anything with holes in the fence are going to make it possible, even if it is a small chance, that a dog can climb over the structure. You are better off using a fence that has solid panels, which will make it difficult for any person or pet to climb over.

If you are planning on using a commercial chain- ink fence, you can put vinyl slats between the chain link material to close it up. This will also provide some privacy to your yard, which can help with a dog that loves to bark at people that pass by.

Stop Digging

If your dog loves to dig, they may try to dig underneath the new fencing material and escape. There are two ways that you can prevent this from happening. You can have a fencing contractor install a concrete slab along the path of the fence, which makes it impossible to dig underneath. You can also use an invisible fence that is placed on the interior of the fence, which will prevent your dog from getting too close to dig.

Speak with a local fencing contractor for more tips on building a fence that will help contain your dog.