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Tools You'll Need To Install A Chain Link Fence

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If you want to install your own chain link fence, you are going to need a wide variety of tools in order to complete the job.

#1 Post-Hole Digger

Digging all the holes necessary for the posts you will need to put in every few feet can be exhausting. Not to mention it can be difficult to dig holes that are the right size. A post-hole digger makes it easier to dig the holes needed for the posts that you have to place. A post hole digger can help you create smooth holes that are just the right size for your chain link fence.

#2 Power Auger

You are going to want to anchor some of the posts into the ground deeper than others. For these anchor posts, you are going to want to secure them with cement. A power auger can help dig larger holes that are used for support poles. A power auger can also be used to cut through really tough dirt, so if you have really tough dirt, a power auger may be a good choice.

#3 Pipe Cutter

Not all the pipes may be the right size, especially if you are doing the job yourself. If you are putting in your own chain link fence, you are going to want to have a pipe cutting tool. A pipe cutting tool is a strong tool that is capable of cutting through metal.

Keep in mind that you need to wear safety equipment when using a pipe cutter. You are going to want to wear goggles that connect with your face, as well as a face mask and gloves. You don't want to breathe in the small metal particles that can be created when you cut a pipe or get them in your eyes. Strong construction gloves will protect your hands from cuts and injury when using a pipe cutter.

#4 Shovel

Even if you have a post-hole digger and a power auger, you are still going to need a shovel. You are going to need a shovel to dig around rocks and other objects, and you will need the shovel to fill the holes back in with dirt after you place the posts. You will also need the shovel to move excess dirt to a new location.

#5 Line Level & Level

Finally, you are going to want to make sure that everything stays level. You can use a normal leveler to make sure that the top rails are even. You will also want to invest in a line leveler to make sure that your fence stays straight and even across the entire length of the fence.

If you don't have the time to put in a chain link fence on your own, or if you don't have all the necessary tools, you can always hire a respected chain link fence company to install a new fence for you.