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Limit Damage Caused To Wood Fencing During The Summer

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When summer arrives, your wood fence will be exposed to a variety of different elements that it didn't see the previous seasons. That's why it is a great idea to take steps that can prevent damage from occurring. Follow these tips to ensure that your fence has the protection it needs.

Refinish The Wood

Your wood fence can actually become damaged because of the sun, usually by having the color of the material fade over time. You should consider refinishing your wood fencing to give it some added protection. Adding a new layer of stain or paint to the fence will ensure that it continues to look great, even when under the hot sun all summer long. Finish it off by applying a sealant to the wood, which will help prevent dry rot from occurring.

Adjust Sprinklers

Chances are that you'll be using your sprinklers a lot more to water your lawn and the plants that surround it, which will cause water to spray onto the fence in the process. While a wood fence is exposed to outdoor weather conditions like rain, that doesn't mean you should continue letting the fence get soaked with water when it doesn't have to be. Allowing sprinklers to spray water on a fence continuously is not good for the material, especially if you have not applied a sealant to it recently. It will eventually cause the wood to rot and lead to needing to repair parts of the fence to make it look good again.

Take the time to adjust the angle that your sprinklers spray, making them avoid direct contact with the fence. This may seem like a small thing that is inconsequential, but it will help you get some more time out of the material before you need full replacement.

Cut Back Landscaping

Summer is when all of your plants really start to grow. If you have flowers, plants, and other shrubs along your yard's perimeter, they can easily come in contact with the fence once they start growing again. You'll want to cut back any plants that are coming in direct contact with the fence, since they can trap moisture against the surface and cause the wood to decay. This is a problem that can easily be prevented by making sure that your plants are not overgrown.

If you find that part of your fence is damaged, have a local fencing contractor come to your home to repair the fence for you. Contact a company like Absolute Fencing LLC  to learn more.