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5 Options For Dressing Up A Chain Link Fence

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Chain link fencing is a popular fencing option because it is quick to install and cost-effective. It is also highly durable, with the ability to easily last a lifetime. Some people think chain link is rather plain looking, but there are actually several different treatments that can be used to change up the look of the fencing. The following guide to the options available can help you learn more.

Option #1: Painted Fences

It's possible to get painted chain link fences. If you go with this option, choose a powder-coated paint. Powder coating means the paint is firmly adhered to the metal using an electrostatic process that bonds color and metal, which means you won't need to repaint it regularly. If you opt for the lower cost wet paint option, you will need to repaint as soon as the fence begins to weather, which could only take a couple of years.

Option #2: Rubber Coatings

A rubber coating on the fence serves many purposes. First and foremost, it can make boring chain more visually appealing. It comes in a range of colors to meet your landscape design needs. The coating also serves a utilitarian purpose—it seals the joins between the chain links. This reduces the chances of children's fingers or pet paws getting pinched in the fence. It also make the fence chain more difficult to cut through, so it can serve a security purpose as well.

Option #3: Privacy Slats

You have a large range of options when it comes to privacy slats. These slats are made of vinyl, bamboo, or even a false greenery material that makes the fence resemble a hedge. The slats slide through the chain and effectively block the view. They can also act as a wind screen. You can find the slats in a large range of color.

Option #4: Privacy Panels

These panels attach over the surface of the fence, either on the inside or outside surface depending on your preferences. They are made of a sturdy outdoor-rated fabric that can withstand weathering and UV damage. The panels are available in a range of colors and you can even special order them with a custom design. They provide both privacy and a wind block.

Option #5: Link Size

The link pattern in a traditional chain link fence is a diamond shape, but you have a choice of sizes when it comes to this diamond shaped opening. Larger openings are common and generally less expensive because less material is used to make the fence. Small openings can give the fence a different look, though, which you may like better. Smaller openings can also prevent people and pets from getting a foothold on the fence, which can prevent climbing.

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