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How To Set Fence Posts With Concrete Footings

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When building a fence on soil, installing the posts is the most important part of the job. If the posts are not properly installed, the fence might be unstable. Installing fence post into soil requires some reinforcement. In most cases, you will want to pour concrete footing to set the post into. This article explains how to dig the hole and pour the concrete for fence post footings. The job is quite straightforward, but it is physically demanding because of all the digging and bending over.

Digging the Hole

The difficulty of digging the hole will depend on the density and amount of rocks in your soil. Also, a larger fence will require a larger hole. Since soil density varies, there is not set rule for how deep your hole needs to be. However, it is a good idea for your hole to be about 1/3 as deep as the fence height will be. So, for example, a 9' fence should have 3' of post underneath the soil. In total, you will need a 12' long post. There are special post digging shovels that you can use. However, you will often also need to use a pick axe to loosen the soil and help in the removal of large rocks. After the hole is dug to the correct size, you need to harden the sides and bottom. Tamp it down with a tamping pole or the back side of the shovel.

Setting the Post and Pouring the Concrete

You can use generic ready-mix concrete for the footing. It is best to pour the concrete mix and water into the hole as you hold the post in place. You don't need to mix them beforehand. Rather, mix them inside the hole. This will cause the concrete to coagulate with the soil, creating a stronger bond and more durable footing. Mix the correct amounts of concrete mix and water according to the instructions on the bag of concrete. You can use a power drill with a concrete mixing attachment for the quickest mixing. You can mix it by hand, but it is harder and more time consuming.

You will also need to make sure your posts are level by holding a level along the side as the concrete is being mixed. One person can mix the concrete while the other holds the post level as it dries. With these simple steps you can install just about any type of fence post in soil.

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