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Need Privacy Around Your Yard? Pick Between These Three Options

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If the lack of privacy around your home is keeping you indoors, it may be time to have privacy fencing installed. A project like this could be used to section off a small part of your yard, such as a Jacuzzi or pool, or encompass the entire property. The fence will prevent neighbors from peering in, and make the outdoor part of your home a comfortable area to relax in. Here are three types of privacy fences to consider.


One of the things you must understand about wood before using it for a privacy fence, is the maintenance involved. Wood needs to be treated with a sealant to prevent insect infestation, warping, and rotting. Expect to reseal the fencing every two years if you want the wood to last. On the plus side, the material will be very versatile over the years, because you are able to stain or paint the wood different colors to change up the look. Resealing and staining are easy projects that many homeowners can do on their own, so you can update the fence yourself when the time comes. 


Concrete may not be thought of as a traditional fencing material, but it will form an incredibly sturdy barrier that will last for many years. Unfortunately, some homeowners are not interested in the idea of a concrete fence because they picture ugly concrete blocks. With so many options of concrete available for fencing, you'll be able to choose materials and designs that fit with the style of your home.  

Cobblestone fences often look like they are made out of river rock that has been intricately placed to form each section. Ashlar stone will bring an element of class to your fence, because the style is commonly used around monuments and older buildings. Ledgestone will add rough surfaces that give the fence a bit of character, and have the appearance of using actual stone masonry.

Concrete and stones can crack, which is why the material needs regular inspections. It is just a matter of checking the perimeter from time to time for cracks, and repairing them before they spread across the wall.


A vinyl fence will provide solid panels that do a great job of providing privacy, and the material requires minimum maintenance. Since the material is synthetic, it can also be made to replicate other materials like wood. The downside is that the initial installation cost will be more expensive than wood, which definitely does not make vinyl a budget fencing material.

Now that you are aware of several privacy fencing options, you can pick one that will work best for your home. Make sure to always consult a professional, like those at York Fence, before you start a big fencing project in your yard. With the help of some experts, you will soon have a sturdy fence that will allow you to enjoy the benefits of a completely private yard.