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Improving The Child Safety Of Your Chain Link Fence

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Chain link fencing is an attractive and affordable method of securing a yard against the danger of intruders. If you love to let your kids play outside but worry that they could run into traffic or be approached by a stranger, a chain link fence is a great way to do it.

But if you do have a chain link fence and children, you might want to take some additional steps to "child proof" it and make sure that they don't run into trouble:

Get a Child Proof Latch

A childproof latch will ensure that children cannot open the gate readily, especially toddlers and other young kids. These latches also close automatically, so that you won't forget your gate open. Most chain link fences simply have a U-shaped latch, which can be lifted up with ease by even very young children.

Use Privacy Strips 

Vinyl privacy strips are woven into a chain link fence both for appearance and additional security. By using privacy strips -- which are available in many attractive colors -- you'll ensure that strangers cannot see your children playing and potentially approach them. For many, this also makes the yard a more comfortable and private place to spend time.

Install Fencing Over 4 Feet Tall

Generally, you want your chain link fence to be at least four feet tall if you have children. Having a tall fence will discourage the children from trying to climb up it. When climbing, not only can a child fall but they can also cut themselves on rusty metal. And, of course, climbing the fence also means that they will be able to get to the other side -- often without you even knowing.

Add Supporting Poles

The supporting poles of your chain link fence should present be at least every four feet. The more poles you have, the more secure the fence will be. Children love climbing chain link fencing, which can be very dangerous if the fence gives under their weight. Even a child leaning against a fence improperly could be in danger if the fence is not properly supported. 

Chain link fencing is also often used for exterior pools. If the chain link fence is not appropriately secured, such as through using some of the above measures, it can be incredibly dangerous; a child unsupervised around a pool could get seriously injured. Many safety improvements can be installed by fence contractors during the additional installation, for added savings and convenience.