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Important Reasons For Companies To Install Automated Gates

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Do you own your own company? Are you trying to decide whether it's worth it to either install a new fence or replace an existing fence? Here are some reasons why you should consider installing an automated gate on your property:

Reduces staffing needs: An automated gate means that you won't have to hire an employee specifically to keep an eye on the gate and let people in or out of your building. The money that you'd otherwise be spending on that employee's salary can instead go to improving your business in other ways.

Improves safety: Is part of your facility potentially hazardous? Having fence companies install an automated gate in the fence around the more dangerous areas of your facility will keep out unwanted guests. It will also prevent unskilled and unauthorized employees from accidentally wandering in and becoming injured. Talk to your insurance company to find out if reducing your liability like this will reduce your insurance premiums.

Improves accessibility: With automated gates, there's no need for an employee to manually check the ID badge of everyone entering and leaving. They also won't need to wait for a gate employee to come back from a break. The gate software will do everything automatically, allowing people to enter and leave more quickly and easily. If you're worried about visitors and employees who use wheelchairs being able to use your new automated gates, fencing companies have a variety of options that will permit wheelchair access.

Solar options available: If your area suffers from frequent power outages due to storms or rolling blackouts when the electrical grid is overloaded, you may be worried about being able to use your gate when the main power is off. Fortunately, many fencing companies are able to offer gates that are partially or entirely powered by the sun. The company you use will be able to tell you how long you can expect the gate to continue working if the power gets shut off.

As you can see, automated gates are a great option for any company who needs to have a locked fence around all or part of their facility. The initial cost from the fencing companies to install your new fencing will eventually be offset by your reduced workforce and lower insurance premiums. Talk to your local fencing companies today to get a quote on a new fence or gate install for your property.