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5 Advantages To Installing Cedar Fencing

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If you are considering enclosing your property with a fence or replacing an existing one, you should strongly consider the advantages of having a cedar fence installed by a company like City Wide Fence Co. Cedar is a low-maintenance wood that grows in abundance in the Pacific Northwest and the western part of Canada. Coastal red cedar in particular is an excellent option for those wishing to add decking, fencing, or any other type of outdoor construction to their property. Following are five reasons why cedar makes a good fencing material choice.

Cedar Naturally Withstands Rot

Cedar trees are native to the great rainforests of the coastal areas of the Pacific Northwest, and that gives them a natural ability to withstand rainy and damp conditions. Cedar is traditionally used in the creation of totem poles among the Native American tribes in this region specifically because of its ability to withstand damp conditions for a long period of time. It's also commonly used to carve out canoes.

Cedar Contains Natural Oils That Repel Insects

Insects can negatively impact the appearance of an otherwise attractive fence, and in some cases, it can ruin the fence altogether. Cedar wood contains oils that act as a natural insect repellant. Some types of wood have actually been treated with pesticides in order to prevent insect damage, but this isn't necessary with cedar.

Cedar is Resistant to Shrinkage

Another advantage of being a cold-climate rain forest tree that cedar has is that it doesn't shrink as easily as many of its counterparts. It also won't warp as a result of temperature changes. This can be important because wooden fences that shrink and warp often need frequent repairs.

Cedar Looks Good Without Stains or Paint

Cedar fencing doesn't need to be treated with stains or painted in order to be attractive. In fact, covering up the natural characteristics of cedar would result in decreasing the visual appeal of the fence. Cedar wood contains stripes, knots, and pleasant variations of coloring that make it pleasantly eye-catching. Although the colors in cedar fade and change with age, they mellow into a silvery-gray color that provides a rustic appeal of its own.

Cedar Smells Fabulous

The smell of cedar fencing while enjoying time with your friends and family in your outdoor living space is the stuff that good memories are made of. Although the aroma of the cedar will fade over time as the oils in the wood dry up, the memories of those sunlit afternoons in your back yard will live on for a lifetime.