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How To Keep People From Climbing And Playing On Your Fence

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You probably put a fence around your business in an effort to keep the area inside safe and secure. When people play on your fence or climb it, your safety efforts are thwarted. Luckily, there are a few simple ways to keep people from climbing and playing on your fence:

Mount signs on the fence.

Try this modification first, since it's the easiest by far. Have a few signs made that state "keep off of fence." If you have cameras at your place of business, you can design your signs to say "Keep off of fence. You're on camera." People are not likely to climb and play on your fence if they think they're being recorded. Mount the signs at regular intervals at about eye level, so nobody misses them while walking by. Ensure they're made from durable metal and attached to the fence with sturdy wire so they're not easily removed.

Install a wide hedge along the base of the fence.

If your fence is in a secluded area and you don't have surveillance cameras pointed at it, this method may do a better job of keeping people off the fence. Plant a wide hedge row along the outside of the fence. Choose a species of hedge that has thorns, so people are unlikely to climb through it to reach the fence. Shrubs in the Berberis family are good choices because they're easy to grow and have thorns that are sharp enough to deter someone without causing serious harm.

Run a string of barbed or electrified wire along the fence.

Use this option as a last resort, and only in areas where there are not likely to be a lot of children playing. Barbed and electric wire may not be legal in all municipalities, so be sure to check your local ordinances before installing one of these options. A single strand of barbed wire, run across your fence at about waist-level, will deter people from climbing your fence. Electric wire can be placed in the same manner.

Keep in mind that barbed wire will injure someone if they do choose to climb your fence. Electric wire will deliver a shock, but is not likely to cause serious injury. In either case, your municipality will likely require that you post signs along the fence stating that barbed or electric wire is present (if they do allow these fence modifications at all).

These ideas should work to protect your fence, but if you need more ideas, talk to a local fencing company like Town & Country Fence.